Friday, April 16, 2010

true to myself

Am I letting my guard down unnecessarily without realizing,
Or am I trying to neglect that option of mine,
Whatever it may be,
Being true to myself is just what I got to do.

Awkwardness come between this situations,
But it is this little things that make the situations somewhat interesting.

Taking chances has its consequences,
But no matter how risky it may be,
There's only a 50-50 chance that it may turn out your way.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy holidays

It's been awhile since I've last updated, but the point to note now is I'M BACK BABEY!!

There's things which I've missed and never really got the chance to portray, but words are hard to describe this feeling. Since I've been away, many things have occurred without my presence. Some of which I'll never know really, unless things slowly pops up here and there.

No matter, I know that my feelings were unsettled before I left, but I've been able to understand the things around me much better from my perspective since I've been away.

But anyway enough with the past, what matters now is the present and what's to come in the future. I know I may have changed, but I like the changed in me. It's something new that I've never would discover if not for me being away this long.

To everyone out there, wishing you a Happy CNY and Valentines Day... Enjoy the holidays..


Monday, November 9, 2009

only u

Its been rather long since I last updated my blog, maybe around 2 weeks plus I guess. Sry to those peeps that's been waiting for my update thus far cos was kinda tighted up with work and also other things. But anyway I won't be blogging much today, just that the weather's here is gonna be single digit soon. I hope i'll be able to survive it without being freeze to death.

Guessing only time sets the mood for me these days,
Having only you in my mind just makes me miss all the things that we had,
No matter, I guess I'll just let my emotions guide me through.

I miss my family, I miss my friends but above all I really do miss u.

Silly Boy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks babe!

Today met up with Rachel at City Hall. She treated me to lunch today as part of her gift before my departure to China for my internship. Before that, we explore around Marina Square before making our way to Orchard Ion where we breeze through shop by shop to see what the new shopping centre has to offer. There were a couple of unnamed stores that may not be familiar in Singapore or to us but we were not entertained by them cos the items sold were way to pricey for us to even went in to take look.

The time spend with her was worthwhile and I kinda need that kind of activity once in awhile to lift my emotions. Not only that, she took random pictures of me with random scenarios which just got her entertained even more than me posing for her, but I don't mind being the centre of attention for her. And after that I went to school for some internship briefing which was utterly a bore.

Babe, thanks for your time and company today. You really make my day a whole lot better with your bubbly attitude of yours that just didn't pause for a moment. I guess I did enjoy myself hanging out with you. It was kinda fun to trick you here and there especially with your blur look when I was actually tricking you all this while. You made me laugh and you complimented me too. That I won't forget. Hope to meet up again when I return to Singapore someway in early February. Thank you again. I hope you won't miss me.. haha..

Silly Boy